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Pen Making and Wood Turning information
Pen making has been going on for centuries. Originally Pens were quills dipped into bottles
of ink. The Fountain Pen was introduced in 1884. The ball point pen came out in 1945.
Recently, the availability of high quality, reasonable cost hardware kits has resulted in the
rise in the number of wood-workers creating crafted pens. There is nothing like holding a
wood pen and observing the beauty God wove into the grain of this natural material. The art
of wood-turning is very much about exposing the natural beauty of the wood grain.
For an excellent article on
how to make wood pens follow this link to Russ Fairfield's
informative article on pen making. How I make pens at Harding Pens can be found
An excellent beginners article on
how to turn wood by Brian Clifford. I found it a great help.
Good wordturning info:
Woodturning Online

Here are some very good wood-turner's and their web sites:

Brian Clifford - Turnings;     
Darrell Feltmate - Turnings;           Christian Burchard - Turnings;
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Pen Making at Harding Pens
Pen Making Supplies - In Canada   They have recently added many US type kits and have a good selection
of woods and pen making supplies. They also have a new pen making forum with lots of
other Canadian pen makers.   This is a little place in Toronto, but he is the only person in North
America who distributes for Craft Supplies UK. He has a few kits you can't get anywhere
else. John's prices are good too.  Everyone seems to know these guys. The have limited selection and a
bit expensive, but they have locations across Canada.  I have not used these people yet, but several people have
recommended them to me.
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